Shannon Stiger

Listing Manager, CSHP

Buckelew Realty Group

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About Shannon Stiger

I was born and raised in Oklahoma. In my 24 years of Retail Management I moved throughout the United States, but have always returned home to Oklahoma, where my family and roots have always been. I am active in the community with animal rescue being a foster parent for bulldog and cat rescues, helping each sweet animal find their "forever home". My experience with customer relations in retail has enabled me to do what I love and listen to others needs and help them identify what will work best for them and their family. As a graduate of the Seniors Real Estate Institute I am excited about using my listening skills to work with seniors and there families to help them with next choices with there life plan. Knowing what resources and choices are available to seniors is a challenge for adult children working full time and for seniors who are not sure what is available. I am excited to speak with you, to create that customer-agency relationship that will help you locate your "forever home".